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So I have decided to start writing. Fiction, mostly fantasy.

I will (maybe!) post some things here, possibly elsewhere. But I'm adding a section of the blog for this kind of thing, so I hope I use it.

DriverTest JS

HTML 5 Notifications

The recent Dev builds of chrome have this new little notification center. So I decided to start messing around with notifications some more. This page is a basic test system, it requests permission, then it can create a notification based on form input.

A side note: Am I the only person that didn't realize you can change the order of system tray icons? Or is this new in Win 8? Cause I swear I have never done it before. . .

The Ten Commandments of Internet Ads

Ads are a funny thing, I don't hate them like some people do, there is a reason for them. Ads are how a webpage can be supported, without you needing to pay for it, so in general I do not use ad blocking software, because I feel that I owe the owner at least a few ad views for using their site. However there are a few things that are never okay, ever, for ads to do:

Minecraft texture text file generator

I was playing around with the new Minecraft textures today, as they have been updated in the 13w02 snapshots. I found it incredibly annoying that during my attempts at animating textures I often needed a text file to adjust timing, and making that file is a bit of a chore. You have a file like so:


Thing is you have to list each frame, even if you want them all to be that duration.


Dev builds


Stumbleuppon, the website that throws you at random webpages that may interest you, can be a great way to waste lots of time, or find cool things. Problem is, more and more I seem to be finding things that I don't care the least about, or have simply already seen before. It dissapoints me that (appearently) not enough pages that interest me have been shared on stumbleuppon, you would think that it would be very hard to hit the same page twice, yet I do all the time.


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