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Well then. This is my blog, a place for me to say all kinds of crap about whatever I want to say it about. Mostly technology, video game, programing, college, maybe polotics if I feel like it. I don't know if anyone will be reading this, if they do I hope they like it, if not I will still probably write stuff just to get it out there. As you may have noticed this site is not running WordPress like most blogs, I decident to go with Drupal instead. I like Drupal, it's nice that I can just go
01:37:58 AM
and you will see the time, not PHP code that looks like:
< ?php echo date('h:i:s A'); ?>
Now to any early adopters (I'm not going to try to fool myself into thinking you actually exist) you may see some changes as I modify the theme and layout. Heck, I might even switch to WordPress if for some reason I decide it will work better. You will notice that to the left is a login box, there isn't really much point to it yet, I may add a forum. To the right my twitter feed, @Lord_zeel, if you care. I will probably add another "Projects" tab at the top, which will contain anything I am working on/made. I have one game written in Java that will be the first resident of that tab, its not much but I'm proud of it. I guess I should also explain the subtitle (Drupal calls it a slogan), "Normalcy is overrated". I would consider myself to be pretty weird, I think differently form others, my interests are abnormal. When I look at "normal" people I always think: "that would be so boaring" hence the subtitle. I would never want to be normal, its not all that.


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