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I have been a long time user of Chrome, and nearly as long I have been running the Dev builds. In fact, I like to use the Dev/Beta/pre-release versions of any software I can. I love getting all the new stuff, all the cool features that aren't in the normal version. But I am getting very close to converting to the standard builds for Chrome, flash, java, and silverlight crash so often I can't believe it. It's a hard choice, do I go back to the stable, but unexciting core build? Or do I tough it out for all the cool stuff the Dev build offers? And Chrome isn't the only software like this, just the one I use the most, thus the one that annoys me the most.

I just wish it had something like "stable mode" for certain tabs, that way I can make Netflix and Hulu run in stable tabs so the plugins that they require don't crash like crazy, the stable tab would simply act like stable chrome. Or you know, they could always step into the future of HTML5 and I wouldn't need to worry about how shitty flash is, or how lame silverlight is (why Netflix, why that).


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