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Driver Test: 2165

First game I have created. Just a car moving left/right across the screen to avoid the junk that litters the road. This program is written in Java, so it should have no problem running on any system. I disigned it so that once compiled you can package it as a .jar, or embed in a web page. I will point out that it will run far smoother on it's own, so if it lags to bad in the browser try the .jar.

The first post

Well then. This is my blog, a place for me to say all kinds of crap about whatever I want to say it about. Mostly technology, video game, programing, college, maybe polotics if I feel like it. I don't know if anyone will be reading this, if they do I hope they like it, if not I will still probably write stuff just to get it out there.


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