DriverTest JS

After a long time considering the project I have finally decided to rewrite DriverTest in JavaScript. This version adds a few new features - and removes a few old bugs. I really hated the Java version because it was so limited, hard to modify, and never seemed to run properly when embedded in a web page. So rewrite it I did, the new improved Javascript version uses the HTML5 <canvas> to be better in pretty much every way.

HTML 5 Notifications

The recent Dev builds of chrome have this new little notification center. So I decided to start messing around with notifications some more. This page is a basic test system, it requests permission, then it can create a notification based on form input.

A side note: Am I the only person that didn't realize you can change the order of system tray icons? Or is this new in Win 8? Cause I swear I have never done it before. . .

Driver Test: 2165

First game I have created. Just a car moving left/right across the screen to avoid the junk that litters the road. This program is written in Java, so it should have no problem running on any system. I disigned it so that once compiled you can package it as a .jar, or embed in a web page. I will point out that it will run far smoother on it's own, so if it lags to bad in the browser try the .jar.