Josh Olsen

About Me

Photo of Josh Olsen holding a LEGO X-Wing,
Josh Olsen

I am a frontend web developer from Akron Ohio, with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from The University of Akron. I love writing modern JavaScript and CSS to make user interfaces that are both user friendly and good looking. I’m also interested in robotics, AI, and automation. I learn quickly, and I’m not afraid to take a deep-dive to find what I need.

I started programming when I was in high school, originally creating JS “userscripts” to modify the behaviour of web pages I used often. I learned primarily on my own through online tutorials and documentation, and eventually created my own simple 2D game. In college, I continued to learn on my own alongside my classes in order to keep up with the changing landscape of web development. While I earned my degree, I feel that the most practical education has come from the numerous resources available online, courtesy of the many amazing developers who have taken the time to share their knowledge freely.

These days, I’ve started giving back by helping new developers learn web development. I am one of the founding members and administrators of a developer community that creates modules for Foundry Virtual Tabletop, a leading application for playing tabletop RPGs online through a web browser. This community supports over 2,000 members developing both open-source and commercial content. My own modules have been used by thousands of gamers, and I have contributed to many others. Often, this is by guiding those developers on our Discord server; giving them the resources, advice, inspiration, and encouragement they need to create amazing projects of their own.

I love programming, and I delight in seeing my own creations come to life. Even a simple algorithm with a command-line output can be exciting. I am also a perfectionist, always fine-tuning what I make until it’s just right. I believe in learning by doing, so I am always tinkering with new things, seeing how they work, and how I can make something interesting.